Here it is in February.

We have a new year, new president, new hopes and new outlook on things, right?

I know, I’ve been really quiet on all our social media sites. So many people seem to have stepped back from them. Even going so far as to delete friends and family from their friends lists–or, (HORROR) deleting accounts altogether.

Right now we need a bit of newness, a bit of joy, laughter, and sometimes flat out Luck!

Here is a bit of the last for you. The Buena Suerte Girl hand-painted on a denim jacket. One is painted by Michelle and one by me. Look at how different ours turned out! I love them.

Good Luck! Buena Suerte!

It was so easy to paint this on. We used Tulip brand fabric paint and an image reference from Pinterest. You don’t even need to “know” how to paint or draw.

You will need some patience and a sense of humor because it won’t turn out just like the picture. (Neither one of ours did!) If you really feel insecure about it, try drawing it or painting on a disposable surface. Keep it big, about the same size that you want to do the original in.

Michelle went on to make another jacket and went a little further by adding embellishments to it:

Go Buena Suerte..give us some goodness!

It’s fabulous with the bird and floral earring added to it. She now has some sass. I wonder exactly what type of luck you will get with her?

Keep looking up everyone! Happy February!

Sarah and Michelle

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